Port Washington Youth Football (PWYF) exists to provide young athletes with positive experiences in learning the game of football.
  • PWYF will provide youth with a positive, fun experiences that promote athletic improvement and character development.
  • PWYF will implement a football curriculum, appropriate for each grade level, that seamlessly integrates with the high school program.
  • PWYF will be affordable for families.
  • PWYF will be a fundamental/Skill based organization.
  • Improve and Increase participation in PWHS football program.
  • Team Mascot: Buccaneers / Logo Same as HS.
  • Team Colors: Green and White
    • Two team Levels:
      • 5th/6th grade
      • 7th/8th grade
  • Team size: ~24 athletes/team with multiple teams at each level – Rationale – Low #s per team = Increased Playing Time!
Eastern Conference Youth Football League (ECYFL)
  • 10 team conference includes schools such as Plymouth, Ozaukee, Random Lake, Sheboygan Schools, Kohler
  • ECYFL has a focus on youth development and has rules regarding playing time and dispersing skilled athletes across teams.
  • ECYFL has a program in place to deal with negative coaching behaviors.
  • Games are played on Thursday nights at the high schools of each team
  • Each team is guaranteed an 8-game schedule
  • Games have 8-minute quarters; no running clock
  • Scouting of opposing teams is not permitted
    • Coaches are required to disclose playbooks  to other teams prior to start of the season
  • Average team size is 24 players to ensure that all athletes play on game day
  • Participation fee: $205 to cover uniforms, equipment costs, insurance, officials, storage unit, and potential facility fees

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